Why does privacy matter for CROSSING SAFETY?

Integrity is fundamental to building trust in the networked community.

For example, analyzing and acting on the vast amounts of data generated by today's communications networks can create lasting benefits for all. The most effective way to realize this potential is by combining the freedom to innovate and create positive effects with strong privacy principles that ensure transparency, integrity and appropriate levels of data anonymization. The result is a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

The nature of CROSSINGSAFETY's business gives us an additional responsibility to work effectively with integrity.


We adapt our business to all legal requirements for privacy. In addition, we have designed a program that will serve as a framework for our business.

This program ensures that integrity is designed in CROSSINGSAFETY's processes, tools, products and services. It engages proactively with key stakeholders and secures purchases at all stages of the integrity value chain. The program supports our commitment to ensure the integrity of all personal information for which we are responsible, and helps our customers to develop reliable relationships with consumers and companies.

Of crucial importance is respect for the right to privacy included in our Code of Business Ethics, which defines the behavior we expect of all CROSSINGSAFETY employees.

What is privacy?

Definitions of privacy may vary between stakeholders or countries. But in general, privacy is the right to be left alone or to enjoy freedom from disturbance or intrusion, including the right to have control over how personal information is collected, used, retained and disposed of